A Better Way to Search, Categorize, & Analyze Unstructured Data


We help you optimize outcomes and make data-driven decisions when dealing with Investigations, Compliance, and eDiscovery.

How is Orca AI Different?

 Orca AI takes a proactive approach to data. We address challenges and risks associated with the discovery, investigation, and management of unstructured data with advanced analytics and machine learning technologies.

Our suite of investigative analytic tools coupled with our deep learning categorization engines, powered by artificial intelligence, allow for rapid information retrieval.



Why Concept Search?

Keyword search can miss up to 90% of information in data.

Orca AI's concept search is redefining the way people search and perform unstructured data analysis. Now you can search with the understanding of the concept you're looking for and uncover specific jargon, keywords, and relevant data without knowing the exact words to search for. Our technology works independent of dictionaries, ontologies, or language barriers!

Machine Learning & Investigative Analytics

Fast  |  Accurate  |  Efficient |  Effective

Our platform has a wide range of features that were created to help you search through large sets of data faster and with better efficiency. Orca AI's Concept Search, Analytics, & Deep Learning Engines are designed to drastically reduce the amount of time spent searching for relevant information and documents.   

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