Case Studies

IP Theft Prevention 

Orca AI's communication analytics visualizations were used to illustrate a six-month pattern of IP theft by one insider and the ways he did it. 

Regulatory Compliance

Orca AI's language modelling was tuned for FINRA compliance and we reduced our clients false positives by 20% in the first 60 days. 



Orca AI's communications analytics quickly detected a pattern of fraud being committed by a supplier and an internal team member. 

1st Court Approved ML

Orca AI provided the first machine learning (ML) automated categorization technology in the market to be approved in a US Court. 

Multi-District Litigation

Orca AI provided the core analytics technology to enable multiple plaintiffs to win a $2.2BN settlement in a faulty medical devices matter.

Human Resources Audit

Orca AI's system rapidly identified multiple HR violations including evidence of violence, sexual predators, and weapons in the workplace. 

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