Our History

Where It All Started

In the 1980’s the inventor of our core technology, Dr Herb Roitblat, could be found in Hawaii. As a University of Hawaii professor, he worked with the US Navy, studying dolphins and their abilities to detect mines.


Dolphins, with their incredible bio sonars, can detect changes in surface structures as minute as 1/32 of an inch. Herb mathematically modeled their biosonar “signals intelligence” system and later adapted this modeling approach to detect word patterns in large bodies of documents.


At the time, there was no reliable way to search for content in documents that did not result in large sets of false-positives. Herb’s pioneering research led to the development of language modeling and several now popular search techniques, which are often poorly emulated but never matched. His principal contribution is “Concept Search”.

Herb went on to create other breakthroughs at OrcaTec, and as OrcaTec, we were the first machine learning (ML) to be approved in a US court for automated data categorization. We continue to evolve.  Orca AI's technology centers on this patented concept search, language modeling, and quantum clustering approach, and we have enterprise-ready big data analytics, AI, machine learning, visualizations, and high-speed neural network algorithms. The combination of these technologies has led to highly accurate document detection and data classification mechanisms.

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